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What Can A Virtual Assistant Help Me With?

Whilst the short answer to this question is 'anything within reason', sometimes people are not aware of all of the tasks that a Virtual Assistant can help you with in order to maximise your own time and focus on the tasks that are important. At The London Virtual Assistant, we've done it all, from helping with those boring admin tasks, to assisting clients' house hunting, to managing social media, to setting up businesses, to booking regular trips to the hairdresser. Here we list some of the most requested tasks that land on our plates, to perhaps inspire you to take the leap of faith and get yourself an extra pair of virtual hands.


Adulting today isn't what it used to be. Being in full time work, building a career, maintaining a house, doing the washing, feeding ourselves, exercising, paying bills and, for some, managing a family are just the beginnings of the long list of life jobs. If you have tasks you've been meaning to get to for years, why not hire a Virtual Assistant to finally put those into action? We've got precious family heirlooms fixed, booked MOTS, done the initial research for setting up a new company, helped clients find a cleaner, rung around estate agents to schedule house viewings and find suitable property, booked spa days and much more. It's like having a PA who doesn't get under your feet.


Need some help working out how to navigate a piece of software or some sort of digital maze? At The London Virtual Assistant, we love getting to grips with systems. We have experience with setting up a multitude of CRM systems such as Salesforce, recruitment platforms like Bullhorn as well as websites and all sorts of business process optimisation applications such as Trello, Google Workspace, Zoho (the list is endless). If you're lucky, a good VA will even recommend bits of software that can help streamline your processes and make your business or personal life run more efficiently. Check out Tech Radar's list of best productivity software in 2022 if you want to get started by yourself.


Probably the most popular request we get is to assist with social media management. Handing over the running of your socials takes a lot off your plate. Sometimes it can feel like this never ending task that steals a lot of time from your day, even if that involves just thinking about how quiet you've been online recently. Whether that be scheduling posts through Creator Studio or Hootsuite, creating content for your grid, reels or TikTok, engaging with followers on platforms, attempting to increase your following, improving your branding or simply offering some ideas to make your social media more inviting, there's a wealth of possibilities when it comes to your digital presence.

From coming up with ideas, to creating the content to making sure the stuff actually makes it onto your platforms...most of us give up before we begin. A Virtual Assistant can take the load whether it be for your business or for your own personal profiles if you're an influencer or public figure.


Another popular one, scheduling newsletters can be a pain in the backside task that many just never manage to get to. Whether handing over the keys to your Mailchimp to oversee the week to week running, or requiring the setup of a subscriber database to then implement newsletter sending, Virtual Assistants can ease the burden.


Does your business site need regular updating? Do you have website users who need responding to? Or perhaps you fancy starting a blog but need someone to write content? We've even built websites on Wix for clients who don't have the budget to allot to website designers but still want something aesthetically pleasing. Head to to see an example of website building from The London Virtual Assistant.


Setting up an event and feeling lost? Bring a VA in to help check off those to-dos. Booking venues, sourcing suppliers, chasing up those pesky RSVPs....a VA can have it covered.


Those who own small businesses or are self employed often reach a point in the year where they think....I should probably go out there and start finding some new clients. Then another job comes in and we abandon ship. VAs can do the boring task of scouring LinkedIn and setting up connections, or spending a few hours on Google and collating potential leads. A good VA loves a spreadsheet, let me tell you.


If you don't fancy getting to grips or spending hours with Google or Facebook Ads, hand it over to a VA who has experience and knows what they're doing. All going as planned, you may well see an improvement to your website traffic, sales and potential leads.


Not a compulsory skill, but many VAs have the ability to create content. Here at The London Virtual Assistant we even have video production capabilities (it's not virtual but it's something we enjoy). If you find the right VA with the right skills, they can edit video/audio and create some really cool content on Canva or Adobe. We've even helped brainstorm, create, edit and publish a podcast for a client here at TLVA.


Got something else you want doing but not sure if we'd cover it? Drop us an email or fill in our contact form to set up a consultation. Chances are, we've done it before!

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